Fadi Gaziri is a composer, music producer and performer for film, theater and media. His diverse style and ability to play several instruments make him a very sought after artist. Specializing in ambient electronic sounds, Fadi mixes them with cinematic and folk elements.

Early Days
Fadi was born in Moscow and attended the famous Gnessin Music Academy in Moscow studying piano and the violin. When he was 12 his family moved to Sweden, and in 1998 to England, where he carried on his musical education.

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The Jump EP

Fadster The Jump EP

Northern Lights

Fadi Gaziri


Fadi Gaziri has written music for Film, the Stage, Festivals, Documentaries, TV Ads and a countless tracks for Sync Library. His music has been played on TV, Radio, in concert halls, and in Theaters. He is incredibly versatile and can write in many different styles; from cinematic blockbusters and trailer music, through to esoteric folklore of Scandinavian traditions. He is a master of string production, and often combines live strings with sample libraries in a way which makes it impossible to distinguish from a real 50 piece string orchestra. In 2015 he released an EP under the alias Fadster which in turn shows his versatility as composer and producer of combining electro-pop with cinematic landscapes and mixing them with subtle surging beats.

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