Fadi Gaziri has written music for Film, the Stage, Festivals, Documentaries, TV Ads and a countless tracks for Sync Libraries. His music has been played on TV, Radio, in concert halls, and in Theaters. He is incredibly versatile and can write in many different styles; from cinematic blockbusters and trailer music, through to esoteric folklore of Scandinavian traditions. He is a master of string production, and often combines live strings with sample libraries in a way which makes it impossible to distinguish from a real 50 piece string orchestra. In 2015 he released an EP under the alias Fadster which in turn shows his versatility as composer and producer of combining electro-pop with cinematic landscapes and mixing them with subtle surging beats.

 Recent Works

Unsere Geschichte (2018) feat. Documentary.
Director: Sven Jaax (NDR). original music composition Fadi Gaziri.

Im Land der Tataren – Winter an der Wolga (2018) feat. documentary.
Director: Sven Jaax (NDR). Original music composition Fadi Gaziri.

Production Album “Russia” released by Roba Music (2018)
28 Tracks of authentic originally composed Russian music with variations, cut-downs and stems.
This Album epitomises Fadi Gaziri’s diversity as a composer and his ability to write in many differnt styles. A plethora of intrinsically ethnic Russian instruments is used including the Balalaika prima, Bass Balalaika, Accordion, Bandoneon and the whistle. Lively and colourful, this album was released in time for the Russian World Cup 2018.
External Link

Welleinreiter (2017) // Tui Cruises // Musical Director, Additional Music, Music Production external Link
Nordwind (2017) // Tui Cruises // Music Concept, Musical Director, Additional Music
Latin Fever (2017) // Tui Cruises // Music Concept, Production, Musical Director
Ich mach Mein Ding (2016) // Tui Cruises // Musical Director, Vocal Score
Im Verkauf (2016) // S. Gromes, B. Arcioli  // Composer, Production external Link
Toto Tribute (2016) // Tui Cruises //Music Concept, Production, Additional Recording
Barents Festival Kirkenes (2015) // Composer, Artist performer, Opening Ceremony