Fadi Gaziri has written music for Film, the Stage, Festivals, Documentaries, TV Ads and a countless tracks for Sync Libraries. His music has been played on TV, Radio, in concert halls, and in Theaters. He is incredibly versatile and can write in many different styles; from cinematic blockbusters and trailer music, through to esoteric folklore of Scandinavian traditions. He is a master of string production, and often combines live strings with sample libraries in a way which makes it impossible to distinguish from a real 50 piece string orchestra. In 2015 he released an EP under the alias Fadster which in turn shows his versatility as composer and producer of combining electro-pop with cinematic landscapes and mixing them with subtle surging beats.

Recent Works:

Welleinreiter (2017) // Tui Cruises // Musical Director, Additional Music, Music Production
Nordwind (2017) // Tui Cruises // Music Concept, Musical Director, Additional Music
Latin Fever (2017) // Tui Cruises // Music Concept, Production, Musical Director
Ich mach Mein Ding (2016) // Tui Cruises // Musical Director, Vocal Score
Im Verkauf (2016) // S. Gromes, B. Arcioli  // Composer, Production
Toto Tribute (2016) // Tui Cruises //Music Concept, Production, Additional Recording
Barents Festival Kirkenes (2015) // Composer, Artist performer, Opening Ceremony