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1. August 2021, new music release

Cuba Classico

classical music with latin vibes

In January 2021 Fadi teamed up with a friend composer Fritz Wengler from Berlin to rewrite 13 most notable classical pieces for a salsa big band. "We started the project in late January playing some ideas on the piano in Fritz’s studio. After that 2 months of researching, arranging and mock-up scoring followed. In the meantime I got in touch with Sascha at Warner Chappell and told him about our idea, he got on board and said we could release it as a production music album (for sync rights etc.).

Arranging classical pieces to fit with a salsa vibe was surprisingly easy. Classical music is structured and there are plenty of recognisable themes within one piece that could be used in the salsa music. Melodies can easily be rhythmically changed to fit the Latin vibe while still retaining the authenticity and thus, in retrospect, we were spoilt for choice. What we didn’t want to do was to create complex structures that exist in classical music. We wanted to make them easy on the year and above all we wanted people to dance to them.


1. April 2021, Book Release

In 20019 Fadi started contributing articles to a well-known expat publisher I am expat in Germany, a little over a year after his first article, he published the complete guide.  


An expat's guide to Living inGermany

As a British national living in Germany, Fadi found it difficult to adapt to the German way of life at first. He constantly bemoaned their lack of a sense of humour, the overly-direct approach; the lack of tact, the non-existence of customer-service, the staggering bureaucracy and many other aspects of everyday life one faces in the Bundesrepublik. However, where many of us expats would have packed our stuff and left, Fadi decided to ‘stick it out’ . Tired of banging his head against a wall he quietly decided to write a book.
“It was an epiphany. All of a sudden if I was frustrated with something, instead of venting it at other people, I wrote it down on a piece of paper - it was like meditating”.
It turned out that Fadi was very frustrated indeed.
His style pays homage to Bill Bryson; written with a light anecdotal tone, often mixed in with a dollop of self-mockery, giving a vivid account of German society as a whole.  


Fadi Gaziri is a pianist, composer, music producer for film, theater and media. His diverse style and ability to play several instruments make him a very sought after artist. Specializing in soundtracks, Fadi is an expert of mixing genres together, often fusing  cinematic, jazz, folk, classical and even latin elements together.   

Early Days

Fadi was born in Moscow and attended the famous Gnessin Music Academy in Moscow studying piano and the violin. When he was 12 his family moved to Sweden, and in 1998 to England, where he carried on his musical education.

Komponist für Medien und Film

Der in Hamburg wohnhafte Fadi Gaziri arbeitet als Fernseh- Film- Theater- und Werbekomponist. Seine Musik erscheint in vielen Medien, Trailer, Filmen, Werbungen und in Theatern weltweit. Seine Zahlreiche CD Veröffentlichungen wurden von u.a. von Warner Chappell, Roba Music, EMI, Liftmusic und viele anderen herausgegeben. Der Multiinstrumentalist Gaziri hat Klavier und Komposition studiert, bevor er sich für Filmkomposition entschied. Neben dem Klavier spielt er auch Geige und Gitarre. Er gibt regelmässig Seminare über Sound Branding und Filmmusik bei der SAE und in Filmhochschulen. In 2016, gründete er eine Musik Supervising Firma www.audioconcepts.org und seitdem beschäftigt er sich mit Song-Placements und Lizenzierungen für Film und Fernsehe.

Nach seinem Master Studium in Filmmusik an der Bournemouth Universität in 2007 erhielt Gaziri ein Praktikum bei Remote Control Studios in LA, und arbeitete für den Komponisten Hans Zimmer. Seit 2007 lebt Fadi Gaziri in Hamburg, wo er sich als Medien- und Werbekomponist etabliert hat. Er ist ebenfalls im Bereich Audio Branding sehr aktiv gewesen und hat in seinem Portfolio Audio Branding Konzepte u.a. für Firmen wie Baloise, Deutsche Boerse, Tui Cruises, UBS, MLP, Danfoss, Draeger entwickelt.

Seine Vielseitigkeit zeigt er auch durch seine Arbeit für Musiktheater. Von 2015 – 2018 war Fadi Gaziri bei Tui Cruises als Musikalischer Leiter und Musikproduzent beschäftigt, wo er die Musik für zahlreiche Theater- und Musicalproduktionen komponiert hat. 


Gaziri ist ein leidenschaftlicher Musiker, und kollaboriert weltweit mit Künstlern beiverschiedenen Projekten. In 2015 komponierte er die Musik für die Eröffnung von BarentsFestival in Kirkenes. Die Performance fand draußen bei minus 20 Grad mit Musikern,Tänzer und anderen Künstlern statt.

FILM + TV //

Unsere Geschichte, NDR 'Was ist damals passiert – Meine Kinderverschickung' (2021) Regie: C. Mestmacher, T. Eckoldt.  
‘Unsere Geschichte’, NDR “Eingeschneit und festgefroren - Als der Norden im Schnee versank” (2018)Regie: Sven Jaax
Länder, Menschen, Abenteuer „Im Land der Tataren - Winter an der Wolga” (2018) - Regie: Sven Jaax

‘Im Verkauf (2016) // Regie: S. Gromes, B. Arcioli Link


Welleinreiter (2017) // Tui Cruises // Musical Director, Additional Music, Music Production.
Nordwind (2017) // Tui Cruises // Music Concept, Musical Director, Additional MusicLatin Fever (2017) // Tui Cruises // Music Concept, Production, Musical Director

Ich mach Mein Ding (2016) // Tui Cruises // Musical Director, Vocal Score.
Toto Tribute (2016) // Tui Cruises //Music Concept, Production, Additional RecordingBarents Festival Kirkenes (2015) // Composer, Artist performer, Opening Ceremony

CD VÖ //

Cuba Classico (2021) - Warner Chappell Link
Russia - (2018) ROBA MUSIC Link
Nordlys - Sommar, Sommar (2019) Nordic Vibe Records
Nordlys - Nordische Weihnachten Link (2018) Nordic Vibe Records

Spotify Künstlerprofil Link
Bandseite von Nordlys  Lin

Nordic Summer

Cuba Classico


Trailer Park 5

Nordlys - Nordic Christmass

Delicatone - Zen Atmospheres


The Jump EP

Pianist / Sänger / Entertainer

Fadi has been performing and playing the piano for over over two decades. He has travelled the 7 seas, performing as a solo pianist and vocalist on cruise ships, 5 star resorts, piano bars, weddings, parties, festivals, and any other conceivable event. He is particularly sought after for his ability to play different styles of music; from classical through to jazz standards, motown, pop, rock, metal (even heavy metal) and top 40s hits. In recent years he has been performing his shows as a guest artist and headliner on German cruise ships.


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