Fadi Gaziri has written music for Film, Theatre, the Stage, Festivals, Documentaries, TV commercials, Audio Branding and countless tracks for Sync Libraries. His music has been played on TV, Radio, in concert halls, and in Theaters. He is incredibly versatile and can write in many different styles; from cinematic blockbusters and trailer music, through to esoteric folklore of Scandinavian traditions. He is a master of string production, and often combines live strings with sample libraries in a way which makes it impossible to distinguish from a real 50 piece string orchestra.

Fadi Gaziri is a pianist, composer, music producer for film, theater and media. His diverse style and ability to play several instruments make him a very sought after artist. Specializing in ambient electronic sounds, Fadi mixes them with cinematic and folk elements.

Early Days

Fadi was born in Moscow and attended the famous Gnessin Music Academy in Moscow studying piano and the violin: his natural talent  for music and his perfect pitch made it an easy choice for his parents. When he was 12, the Soviet Union collapsed, and his family moved first to Sweden, and again in 1998 to England, where he carried on his musical education.

Student Years

Fadi studied Music Composition, Piano and Languages at Durham University, in 2004 He graduated with Honors, passed his ABRSM piano Exams with distinction. During his studies he took part in many student musical projects and later conducted several productions himself.

Early Career

At 22 Fadi moved to Hamburg and worked there as a music teacher, teaching piano, guitar and musical theory. From an early age he was fascinated with film, moving image, and the way music interacts with it. In 2006 he went back to study and was accepted to study Masters in Film Composition at Bournemouth university. A year later he completed with distinction.

In 2006 Fadi moved to Hamburg to pursue his career as a composer. He was hired by a production company to work on music for Commercials, Image Films, and Sound Branding. Since then he has worked on countless projects for companies such as Deutsche Boerse, SKY, Ferrero, BBC and many more. 


Meanwhile, Fadi was touring around Europe as a piano entertainer, with regular concerts in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway and Germany. He quickly realized his ability to entertain people and his career in front of the audience gathered pace quickly.

" I remember watching an old tape of Victor Borge live in Concert, that was 2002, I think. This changed my life completely. I began doing my own comedy stuff with classical music"

In 2011 Fadi was hired as a musical leader on German cruises – Aida and later on Tui Cruises – where he later took up a full-time position as a music manager. During the next 6 years he was busy with a full-range musical activities which included auditioning musicians, conducting rehearsals, accompanying, writing, arranging and producing.   

In 2014 Fadi released his first solo album titled Northern Lights, a mixture of cinematic, folk and mysterious sounds, combining folky motives with electronic texture. In the album he uses his technological know-how to loop and mix on-the-fly, whilst playing the piano, violin, and adding subtle vocals, all of which he performs himself.

2015 saw the second studio release of Fadi’s EP using a pseudonym Fadster titled The Jump, an album which merged electronic, cinematic and popular influences.

In 2017 he left Tui  and moved back to Hamburg where he returned to performing as a piano entertainer at hotels, cruise ships and events. In the years that followed Fadi also formed a folk-band – Nordlys –  and did several CD productions for Roba music, warner chappell, and other labels. 

In 2019 Fadi took up additional work as a journalist, writing articles for a well-known expat blog 'I AM EXPAT' about his experience of living as an expat in the Bundesrepublik.  By early 2021 Fadi published his first ever book dubbed 'ZE GERMANS'.

Fadi has travelled a great deal to the North, particularly in Scandinavia and the North Cape with the Hurtigruten ships. In 2021 he uncovered a personal life-long ambition –  the North pole. The opportunity presented itself when he was invited to work as a musician aboard the Russian icebreaker '50-years-of-victory' during that summer.

In the same year, Fadi completed one of the most ambitious CD projects to date - CUBA CLASSICO, which was released by Warner Chappell.

At present Fadi lives and creates in Hamburg.  

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